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quinta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2013

Melange Fashion Show 2013 - San Francisco/CA.

Presented by iCu The Network
Temple SF - October 19, 2013 – 6 to 10pm
(San Francisco, CA – October 21) –
 In three short years, Mélange has grown to be an international celebration of diversity here in San Francisco – challenging fashion industry norms by featuring models from ages 18 to 67 and of all heights, sizes, and backgrounds. Celebrity designers, models, and guests traveled from Brazil, France, Peru, NYC, and LA to participate in Mélange 2013.
The fashion show featured four looks from Jean Paul Gaultier, which were delivered by UNESCO Artist for Peace, Guila Clara Kessous. Guila is a member of the Board of Advisors for Mélange Productions, and she came to debut the runway premiere of her new handbag by Le Tanneur. Plus-size celebrity model, Marlucia Felix, also flew in from Brazil to model a fabulous design by Kiko Arantes in the show.
Sephora, 7x7 Magazine, Couture Press, iCu The Network and other sponsors teamed up to support the show’s mission of celebrating diversity and human rights. At the opening of Mélange 2013, Guila and the Mélange Executive Producer team (Cristina Ribeiro, Dericka Porter, Chavis Aaron, and Nick Navarro) presented three awards to the following designers: Topher Adam (Bay Area Fashion Award), Varignia Garcia (Fashion Ambassador Award), and Jennita Itthi-Angkul (Student Designer Award). Local designers that participated in the show include: Charmosa Swimear, Rosimeire Osorio (Isabella Boutique), Chona Pike, Ujena Wear, and Marise Oliveira. Dericka Porter, the CEO of Couture Press and an Executive Producer of Mélange 2013, recruited two celebrity designers who traveled from Los Angeles to participate in the show: Punk Kouture, who has designed for Nicki Minaj and Mick Jagger, and Glynneth B Jewelry, who has worked with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and more. The two of these designers participated alongside local and international designers, including Eric Tibusch of France. These designers were
mixed with performances throughout the night, including a performance by Aurélia Khazan, the recipient of the Cannes Film Festival Emerging Actress Award. The finale of the show ended with the four looks by Jean Paul Gaultier, modeled by a transgender star of AsiaSF , a 52 year old famous model coach, and two African American agency models. After the four looks, the show ended with a world
premiere of a girl group number by AsiaSF, choreographed by Ronnie Reddick. Ronnie has worked with such artists as Michael & Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and RuPaul, along with many corporations like Gap, Macy’s, MAC Viva Glam Cosmetics, Nordstrom, and Starbucks.
This year, iCu The Network Presented Mélange 2013; iCu the Network is a new and innovative way to bring like-minded people together for an evening of buzzing energy. Other partners for the event include: Sephora, 7x7 Magazine, AsiaSF, iCu The Network, Couture Press, Legally Vogue, VivaDressUp, Rojas Agency, SOLZ Watches, Frapez, Tea of a Kind, Boogie Lights Entertainment, LAM, VIP Socialite, SOLZ Watches, PRAD, UpOut, Robert Silver Photography, Wayne Serrano Photography, Blue Pill Productions, SUMMIT, and more.

Photographer: Everett Bass
Make up: Sephora
Hair: Daniel Rita
Designer: Kiko Arantes
Model: Marlucia Felix

segunda-feira, 14 de outubro de 2013

Matéria no Jornal O São Gonçalo

Olá amigos,
É com grande satisfação que comunico mais uma matéria sobre minha viagem ao exterior! Desta vez, saí no maior jornal de minha cidade " O SÃO GONÇALO", fico muito feliz com a repercussão da matéria em toda cidade e as palavras muito bem usadas pela jornalista Mariana Monteiro. Muito obrigada!!!

Segue o link da matéria na íntegra:

domingo, 13 de outubro de 2013

Desfile Internacional Melange Fashion Show 2013

Olá amigos,

Venho compartilhar com vocês mais uma grande conquista em minha carreira: MEU PRIMEIRO DESFILE INTERNACIONAL!!! Com muito orgulho sou a primeira modelo brasileira que vive no Brasil a desfilar na Califórnia/EUA no evento Melange Fashion Show, que em parceria com a UNESCO e participação de Jean Paul Gautier será um evento inesquecível e de promoção da diversidade, além de contribuir com a nutrição de diversas crianças pelo mundo através da doação de parte das inscrições para Nourish the Children (NTC) by Nu Skin. Será um privilégio muito grande ser a única modelo plus size no evento e espero que no próximo ano possa levar comigo mais modelos plus sizes da Agência MF Models Plus e quem sabe, organizar um evento deste porte aqui no Brasil?
Segue abaixo o release do evento em inglês e vídeo de divulgação do Melange 2013.



Guests have traveled from Croatia, Australia, Brazil and more to attend this annual event in San Francisco, and this year’s party will take place on October 19, 2013 at Temple SF. A dazzling blend of fashion, dance, music and theatre, Mélange is an international celebration of diversity in San Francisco.

In partnership with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), this extravaganza only happens once a year and is not to be missed by any arts or fashion enthusiast!

For each ticket purchased for Mélange 2013, we will also be providing one meal for Nourish the Children (NTC) by Nu Skin as part of our community outreach. This noble organization has provided 300 million meals worldwide, and we are excited to be partnering with Nourish the Children as our official community partner and Nu Skin as our official skin care partner.

Three Jean Paul Gaultier looks will be featured on the catwalk of Mélange 2013; Guila Kessous, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Creative Director and Board Member for Mélange, will be flying from Paris to attend Mélange 2013. These looks by Jean Paul Gaultier will be featured alongside local Bay Area designers, such as Topher Adam, international designers, including Varignia Garcia from Peru, and celebrity designers, such as Punk Kouture, who designed for Nicki Minaj and Mick Jagger. Official partners for Mélange 2013 include 7x7 Magazine and the historic AsiaSF.

We will also be showcasing the world premiere of the new hand bag of the famous French luxury brand Le Tanneur; this hand bag, designed by Guila Kessous, was presented to Michelle Obama as a gift from the first lady of France during her visit to the country. Luxury haute couture brand Eric Tibusch, famous French designer of Alain Delon, will also be showcasing two looks on the runway. These couture looks will be modeled by the famous Aurelia Khazan, who is flying from France to attend this event. Aurelia will also be showcasing some of her fabulous music at the event.

By uniting such diverse partners ranging from fashion pioneers (Jean Paul Gaultier) to San Francisco’s famous transgender bar (AsiaSF) to international organizations (UNESCO), Mélange 2013 is truly a San Francisco celebration of diversity!

Click here to watch the one minute promo video of Mélange 2013:

Designers: Punk Kouture, Varignia Garcia Araujo, Topher Adam, Jennita Itthi-angku, ATUSSA Couture, Charmosa Swimwear, Chona Pike, Jewelry by Diana, and more!

Partners: UNESCO, 7x7 Magazine (Media Partner), iCu The Network, Couture Press, Boogie Lights Entertainment, AsiaSF, LAM, VIP Socialite, SUMMIT, DJ Donovan, Robert Silver Photography, Wayne Serrano Photography, Blue Pill Productions, Frapez (in the Castro), and more!

This year, iCu The Network Presents Mélange 2013; iCu the Network is a new and innovative way to bring like-minded people together for an evening of buzzing energy! By combining entrepreneurs, fashion professionals, local businesses, and artists, iCu the Network creates a night of inspiration for all who attend. Created by Chavis Aaron & Nya Bechard, this is a creative way of bringing San Francisco together. iCu the Network will continue to show that our city has fashion forward power heads.

quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2013

Desfile no Exterior! Melange Fashion Show 2013

Olá amigos,
É com muita alegria que comunico que estarei representando o Brasil no Melange Fashion Show 2013, o maior evento de promoção da diversidade na Califórnia/EUA. O evento que já acontece e é muito badalado nos Estados Unidos terá neste ano a participação ilustríssima da marca francesa Jean Paul Gouttier, marca que já vestiu a cantora Madonna, dentre outras celebridades! Serei a única modelo plus size brasileira a participar de um evento de tamanha grandiosidade e conto com vocês para que o sucesso seja ainda maior!